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Some Facts about Purwo Hill​

Alas Purwo, Alas in the Javanese language means hill so Purwo Hill is the oldest jungle on Java island, the hill in Java is usually planted by some trees. This hill has around 43,420 hectares of lands, most people believe that this place is such a horror place, here are some facts about this place 

  1. The History of Purwo Hill

The name Purwo is based on the legend of its community who live there, Purwo means the first or the beginning, so that is why it is also the first jungle in Java island. In 1992 this place was inaugurated by the Ministry of Forestry. It is also a place for some flora and fauna, sometimes you can see them from the main road since this hill is close to the main road

  1. Myth and Mystery

Some activities that are usually done by some people who believe it will give them something that they want is like black magic and they will bring some offerings for it. The myth tells, when you are in the middle of it, and there is something calling you, do not look back at it, if you do, you will disappear or something bad will happen to you after that. Most people also believe that this place is a house for all of the ghost.

  1. Tourism Site

There are also some tourism sites that you can also visit, like cave savannah, or a beach. The most famous cave in this place is called Istana Cave, it is well-known because of its eternal darkness. The beaches that you can enjoy there are like Parang Ireng beach, Ngagelan beach, Pancur beach, and Plengkung beach. 

  1. Historical Site in Purwo Hill

A temple called Giri Selaka is located in the middle of this hill and its distance is only three kilometres from Plengkung beach area. The visitors can go there by truck that is provided and it only costs IDR 3,000

  1. The Way to Go there

Since there are no public transportations that pass this place, you have to drive or rent a car. The distance is around 10 kilometres from Tegaldimo. 

So this place is the combination of nature, history, and culture, even though this place is not that famous but Purwo Hill is worth visiting. If you want to find further information, you can check

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