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4 Recommended Car Rentals in Banyuwangi​

What are the best car rentals in Banyuwangi? For the location that is not too far from Bali, Banyuwangi becomes one of the most recommended tourist areas in Indonesia. Moreover, it has multiple stunning objects to visit. It is particularly if you love to enjoy natural spots.

Sure, visiting spots in Banyuwangi while enjoying the stunning landscapes seems to be troublesome without taking your own car. So, the best solution is renting a car here. You should not worry since this town has some recommended car rentals to visit. What are they?

Rental Mobil Banyuwangi

Well, this is the name of the car rental store. Rental Mobil Banyuwangi literally means the Banyuwangi car rental anyway. The transportation devices available here are various. You can choose one of them based on the number of tour members or the customers’ taste. if there are too many travelers, choose the minibus from Isuzu ELF with 16 seats. Some tour packages are provided to enjoy not only the beautiful scenery but also cultures and culinary of Banyuwangi.

Zahira Car Rental of Banyuwangi

The next transportation provider in the town is Zahira. It claims that the services given are the best with friendly prices. the car rental also hires professional drivers. They will help you a lot to conduct your trip. Moreover, the cars are available in numerous brands and series. You can name it whether it is Toyota Avanza, Kijang Innova, Toyota Alphard, Isuzu ELF, and more. Do you need a pick up starting from the airport? You should not worry, Zahira Car Rental will give the service for you.

Victory Car Rental of Banyuwangi

The rental packages provided by this company are various. You can choose the package of 6, 8, 12, or 24hours. Do you want to rent a car for a few days or even a few weeks? It is possible also. Victory Car Rental offers you friendly prices starting from only IDR 100,000 with a duration of 5 hours. The car units are available in many brands and series from Toyota, Suzuki, and more. 

Go Transport Car Rental Banyuwangi

With a purpose to help visitors of Banyuwangi, Go Transport gives you many tempting offers. Despite the hour packages just like Victory Car Rental, the packages are given based on the type of tour you want to conduct. It is whether you need the car for traveling, gathering, outing, study tour, and more. The drivers are professional and the prices are affordable enough, making it one of the best car rentals in Banyuwangi.

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