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4 Fun Facts about Sukomade Beach in Banyuwangi​

Sukomade Beach is a beach that is located in Banyuwangi, East Java, Indonesia. The beach is directly faced with Bali Strait between Ketapang and Gilimanuk Harbors. Although this town is not as popular as Denpasar or Raja Ampat, Banyuwangi has so many tourist spots that you should not miss out. Sure, one of them is Sukomade Beach mentioned above. So, do you want to know more about this beach and anything around it? Here are the explanations.

The Beach of Tortoise

Quite different from other beaches that offer only scenic landscape, Sukomade Beach is also known as the animal tourist spot. Yes, the beach is a place to conserve various tortoises’ species. Some of the species even have giant sizes. Uniquely, there are many staff members who conduct the tortoise egg captivity here.

Visitors can watch and learn about how the tortoises lay their eggs. Commonly, they do it at night and at the same time, baby tortoises are also let back into the sea. If you don’t want this experience to be forgotten soon, make sure to capture your moments with those animals.

The History of Sukomade Beach

This beach was actually hidden from other location until in 1927, a Dutch colonel discovered it. Then, the area was developed into a protected forest to keep animals there including tortoises. Uniquely, although it is the beach area, around Sukomade Beach is a good place to grow some plants like rubber, coffee, and chocolate. A total of plantation around the beach is more than 1,200 acre.

Facilities in Sukomade Beach

For its popularity as the biggest tortoise in Indonesia, there are many tourists come from inside and outside Indonesia. The local government then starts to build up this area by providing some facilities. Despite hotels and inns, you can enjoy other facilities including the tour houses, camping grown, trail tourism area, workshop and laboratory, information center, and more. The establishment of those facilities are also to support other tourist objects near the beach. One of them is Meru Betiri National Park.

Adventurous Route

There are some routes to enter the location of Sukomade Beach. Interestingly, one of the routes is quite adventurous. Of course, it is to accommodate you who just are bored with the steady route. Interestingly, although the road to pass through is winding and steep, the scenery is wonderful. This even becomes another reason to visit Sukomade Beach again later.

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