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4 Tourist’s Destinations in Banyuwangi That You Must Visit​

Bali is always enchanting making many people who want to come and visit there. But, do you know that there is another amazing tourist’ destination despite Bali? Banyuwangi is one of the location examples to consider for the holiday destination. If you want to visit Banyuwangi, you should include some magnificent tourist’ destinations in Banyuwangi in the itinerary list. 

Ijen Crater

This is the most popular tourist’ destination in Banyuwangi. You can explore the exotism of blue fire and Instagram worthy view in Ijen Crater. Ijen Mountain always shows its greatness and the Ijen Crater beautifies it. With a high of 2.443 above sea level, Ijen Crater is one of the special tourist’ destinations in Bali. The exotic blue fire is the distinct interest being this tourist’ destination phenomenal. However, overall, this crater is very Instagram worthy. You must visit it. 

Jawatan Benculuk

One of the best tourist’ destinations in Banyuwangi is Jawatan Benculuk. Do you remember a trilogy film of Lord of the Rings? You will be brought in the elf’s world and forest fairy in Jawatan Benculuk. It is very charming and natural making your stay comfortable longer. The greening location with various trees and plants and sunshine makes this area so exotic. It is not difficult to find it and enjoy the special view and natural panorama of this tourist’ destination in Banyuwangi. 

Coklak Waterfall, Glenmore

The next choice for being listed in your itinerary list is Coklak Waterfall. A beautiful cliff and colorful water make it look special. It is easy to watch a world paradise in a remote area of Banyuwangi especially this waterfall. You must do a trekking for hours. It is guaranteed to make you satisfied when you see the Coklak Waterfall. It has a big water debit creating a beautiful rainbow. This tourist’s destination is very special. You shouldn’t forget to include it when you are visiting Banyuwangi. 

Green Bay 

The last tourist’ destination is Green Bay or Teluk Hijau. It becomes one of the most beautiful beaches in Banyuwangi. This beach is named by green because the water looks green when you see from a distance. Green Bay Beach is located in the shallow water having alga reflecting green color. You can do snorkeling when playing on this beach. It is very cool and fun to do on this beach. You may become an eyewitness of Green Bay Beach’s beauty. Those are some recommended tourist’s destinations in Banyuwangi. 

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