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A Unique Beach in Banyuwangi​

There is a beach that is famous because of its small green rock hill and it also has red sand on it in the middle of the beach, this beach is called Pulau Merah beach. It is located in Banyuwangi, East Java, there is also a temple for Hindu people to pray. The visitors are only allowed to visit the hill when the water is receding since sometimes the waves here are very high and dangerous. This beach is also such a perfect place for surfer lovers because it has three to five meters high of waves, another thing that this beach has is, the white sand with three kilometres long. The entrance fee to get in this beach is only IDR 8,000 and the parking fee for motorbike is IDR 2,000 then for a car is IDR 5,000. If you want to stay for the night, there are also some homestay with the average rate is IDR 100,000 per night. The distance that you need to travel to reach this beach is around 60 kilometres from the centre of Banyuwangi, the way to get there are already good enough because this beach is getting famous. Some activities that can be done in Pulau Merah beach are :

  1. Snorkelling

You can rent the equipment there to do snorkelling and then you can enjoy the sea under living while watching the fish and the corals

  1. Just sitting and chilling 

Having three meters of sand white on it makes it able to walk around then sit once you get tired, you can rent a rug to sit for IDR 25,000 for 60 minutes

  1. Surfing

This beach used to be a place for the international competition of surfing, it is also a perfect place to learn surfing since the waves are not too dangerous for it if you want to learn surfing but you do not have the board, the people who live there usually rent it for IDR 50,000

Those are just three of all activities that you can do in Pulau Merach beach, another thing like trying the local foods that are sold by the locals are also a good idea. Some traditional foods from Banyuwangi are Rujak Soto (Rujak is a mixed vegetables with spicy peanut sauce, Soto is a soup with some chopped vegetables and some meat or chicken), Rujak Bakso (Bakso is meatball), and Rawon (it is a black coloured soup). You can find more information on

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