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A Timeless Fascination of Ijen Crater​

A tourism panorama of Ijen Crater in Banyuwangi seems to be glanced up by foreign tourists. When you come to Banyuwangi, it must be included in your holiday list. You can climb up to the top of Mountain Ijen to watch directly Ijen Crater located on the border of Banyuwangi and Bondowoso. There are some special things about this crater. 

A Rare View of Blue Fire

This is the main uniqueness of Ijen Crater in Banyuwangi. After you come to the central city of Banyuwangi, you should climb to the top of the mountain to reach Ijen Crater. You will see the flame of blue fire in this crater. This unique view becomes one of the two blue fire views in the world. It means that it offers a unique panorama from this crater. Despite being rare, the exotic of blue fire becomes one of the main tourist’ destinations for tourists coming to Ijen Crater. You will see a blue light dance on the caldera wall when you reach the top. The magical dance is very enchanting because it looks beautiful with the Tosca water lake. 

Reaching Ijen Crater Through Banyuwangi 

The smooth climbing is also supported by complete preparation. It is important to protect your safety during visiting Ijen Crater. Thus, a pre-departure needs to prepare anything carefully. The chosen trip route is two locations, Banyuwangi or Bondowoso. For the distance comparison, the fastest location is passing Banyuwangi because the location is about 30 kilometers away from Ijen Crater. However, from Bondowoso, the distance can be 76 kilometers. 

The Water Sourness

Despite having the blue fire, Ijen Crater has a distinct uniqueness in the level of water sourness. This crater holds the highest order and rank for the water sourness. Despite the Tosca water, the tourists must be careful with the water. The high sourness level is unhealthy for human’s health. 

Human Taxies

A taxi is identical to a public transportation tool. The theory is inapplicable in Ijen Crater. In this tourism place, the taxi is meant to be a cart used to bring two tourists if they want to climb or go down the mountain. This idea of using a human taxi was applied in 2015 when many tourists are climbing the Ijen Mountain. The chance is benefited by sulfur miners to earn much more money. The cost of renting this taxi in Ijen Crater is about10 dollars. 

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